Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia or 1Malaysia Peoples’ Housing was established under the PR1MA Act 2012 to plan, develop, construct and maintain high-quality housing with lifestyle concepts for middle-income households in key urban centres.

PR1MA homes come in various types and sizes within an integrated community; sensibly designed to suit different household needs. Priced between RM100,000 to RM400,000, you can now own a home that is well within your reach. Earmarked for development in key strategic urban areas nationwide, PR1MA is open to all Malaysians with a monthly household income between RM2,500 to RM15,000.

In an article in Malay Mail on 13 February 2017, it as reported that PR1MA has targeted to complete 15,000 units of PR1MA homes nationwide in 2017. Its chief executive officer, Datuk Abdul Mutalib Alias said as of January, a total of 260,188 units were approved by the members of the corporation while 132,352 units were now being constructed.

By Perbadanan Pr1ma Malaysia (Government)
Property Price RM100,000 – RM400,000
Monthly Income • RM2,000 – RM15,000

• Individual / household

Ownership Does not own more than 1 property (including spouse)
Selection Ballot
Eligibility Criteria 1.    Malaysian citizen

2.    Single or married aged 21 and above

3.    Individual or combined household income (husband & wife) must be between RM2,500 to RM15,000 monthly

4.    Does not own more than 1 property between applicant and spouse

Note: Additional state guidelines may apply.

Application Process 1.    Register at

2.    Notified of available projects based on your preferred location

3.    Submit application

4.    Balloting for applicants who fulfill requirements

5.    Select unit

6.    Apply for financing

7.    Sign SPA (Sales & Purchase Agreement)

8.    Handover of Vacant Possession (VP)

Required Documents 1.    Copy of Identity card (NRIC)

2.    Latest bank statements or salary slips

3.    Employer’s verification letter

4.    EPF statement

5.    EA/B form

6.    Details of other property owned (if any)

Eligibility to withdraw from EPF Account 2 • Must be an EPF contributor

• Have not withdrawn from EPF Account 2 for the purpose of financing a home

Restrictions • Not allowed to sell, rent out or transfer ownership for the first 5 years

• Must be owner-occupied

Website •

• List of PR1MA homes: 

Social Media • Facebook:

• Instagram:

• YouTube:

Contact • Call centre: 03-7962 4374 from Monday to Friday (9:00am – 6:00pm) or Saturday (9:00am –1:00pm)

• Email:

• Sales gallery: OASIS Square, Ara Damansara, from Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5.30pm

Apps • Google Play:

• Apple Store:


  1. You must be a Malaysian citizen.
  2. You must be single or married aged 21 and above.
  3. Individual or combined household income (husband & wife) must be between RM2,500 to RM15,000 monthly
  4. You must not own more than 1 property between you and your spouse.

Note: Additional state guidelines may apply.

The steps

1. Register
Create your account at Complete your registration and upload the required documents.

2. Notification
You will be notified of the launch of PR1MA developments in your preferred locations. Launched projects will also be advertised in the media. You can also follow PR1MA’s social media pages to stay updated:

3. Apply
You have to apply for developments that are open for application. Entry for balloting is not automatic.

4. Balloting
An open and transparent balloting process will be conducted for applicants who fulfill all the necessary requirements.

5. Unit selection
You will be invited for a Unit Selection session so that you can choose your preferred unit based on availability.

6. Financing
PR1MA HOPE Home Assistance Programme is a scheme that offers financial solutions and easy access to home ownership.

i) End-financing
Select from PR1MA’s panel banks for an end-financing package that suits you best.

Participating institutions:

  • Maybank
  • MBSB
  • Bank Rakyat
  • BSN
  • Bank Islam


  • Packages include financing of up to 110% of the Sale and Purchase (SPA) prices for eligible buyers.
  • No downpayment will be required if you are able to secure the maximum loans.
  • Getting a loan
  • Service the interest during construction and commence instalment only upon completion of the property.

ii) Rent-to-own (RTO) scheme
The RTO financing programme is only open to potential buyers whose loan application from any of PR1MA’s panel banks was not approved. Eligibility for the RTO financing scheme is subject to terms and conditions. Each application will be thoroughly examined by a special committee and approval is subject to PR1MA’s discretion. Applicants who have already selected their homes should first apply for their home financing through any of PR1MA’s panel banks, commercial banks of their choice or government housing loan schemes to avoid any delays in the home-ownership process.

Application for Rent-To-Own (RTO) financing program for PR1MA Homes is unavailable at the moment and will be made available soon.

iii. Care by PR1MA – Insurance coverage
– PR1MA tenants under the RTO scheme
Due to unforeseen circumstances such as death or permanent disability, you can continue to stay in your home rent-free for up to a year. PR1MA also provides funeral expenses for its RTO tenants and for Musilms, this includes expenses for Badaal Haji.

  • Other PR1MA homeowners/registrants
    PR1MA homeowners will receive a premium rate reduction of 10-15%.

The MRTT/MRTA gives extra coverage for personal accidents as well as funeral expenses. There are also good rates for fire insurance and Motor Takaful. For motor insurance products, you are eligible for the PR1MA Care privilege card, which entitles you to annual returns.

iv) Special PR1MA End Financing Scheme (SPEF) / Skim Pembiayaan Fleksibel
PR1MA’s SPEF is an exclusive scheme for PR1MA homebuyers, offering a financing package that consists of:

  • Stepped-up financing with fixed instalment for the first 5 years of the loan
  • EPF Account 2 withdrawal for the purpose of PR1MA home instalment up to retirement or end of tenure
  • This scheme, created exclusively for PR1MA homebuyers will also provide eligible buyers with a significant reduction in monthly home loan instalments at affordable levels.
  • The scheme is established in collaboration with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), EPF and four local banks, namely Maybank, CIMB, RHB and AmBank.

SPEF is a step-up financing only or step-up financing with EPF Account 2 withdrawal option, where in the first 5 years, only interest is paid. The principal amount kicks in from year 6 onwards until full settlement of the loan. The step- up option combined with withdrawals from EPF Account 2 enables homebuyers to have access to a higher loan amount.

Advantages of SPEF

  • Higher loan eligibility
  • Fixed payment for the first 5 years

7. Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA)
SPA will be signed between the developer and you as the purchaser of the property.

8. Handover of Vacant Possession (VP)
Upon completion of the house and issuance of Certificate of Completion and Compliance, the property will be officially handed over to you, making you a proud owner of PR1MA Home. 


  1. You must complete your online registration via our official website in order to apply to purchase a PR1MA home. Please ensure that you register your currently active mobile phone number and email address.
  1. All applications to purchase must be done via PR1MA’s official website. PR1MA does not appoint agents or representatives to sell or help make bookings. PR1MA does not collect any deposit or advanced payment for applications.
  1. All PR1MA homes must be owner-occupied and a 5-year moratorium period applies. This means that homeowners are not allowed to sell, rent out, or transfer ownership of their homes for the first 5 years of ownership.
  1. All rendering contents of these projects are artist impressions The information contained herein is subject to changes without prior notification as may be required by the relevant authorities, developer’s architects or appointed agents and cannot form part of on offer or contract. The name of the development is subject to the approval by the relevant authorities.

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