“Everyone said that it is so far from PJ and we would regret buying it.”

jeri kota kemuning

“The notion of owning a house never crossed my mind for a long time as a young workforce with not much cash in hand. But when my husband and I were planning to get married, he one day told me that a friend shared with him about this house someone booked but didn’t manage to get a home loan approved. The house was still in the early stage of construction and we only have a house layout plan from the brochure.

I had no idea where Kota Kemuning is and everyone I spoke to said that it is so far from PJ and we would regret buying it. However, being a civil engineer who builds houses himself, my husband had a feeling it would be worth buying. So we looked at the plan and liked the layout instantly.

It was an end-unit with a 5 ft land at the side. I didn’t think we could afford the then RM360k home but somehow we managed to pool the down payment and get a home loan.

On the day we got the keys, we were bursting with excitement. It felt surreal to finally step out of the car and see the house right before us. We were very lucky to get a unit right next to the grassy walkway instead of a road as many who booked much earlier only got an intermediate unit.

Today, 12 years on, we never regretted a single bit for investing in this property. The price has soared and the location was perfect. It doesn’t feel too far from PJ with the highways. More and more property are coming up too. What I learned from our home purchase is to never buy a property that you can afford at the time. But invest in a property that has good potential even if it costs a bit more. Look at the long-term ROI.”

– Ms Jerica – PJ, Malaysia

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