“I wanted to own a property by 28”

IMG_9069“I was in my early 20s when I decided that I wanted to own my own place by 28 years old. It wasn’t about investing, but more about the Asian perspective of what you should rightfully do when you have worked a few years – own your own place. Back in 2002, the condo unit was RM208k, and after 15 years, it is now about RM600k.

When I was looking then, I searched for areas that I was already familiar with. I am no property analyst. So I was cautious and limited myself to locations that I have rented in or liked, and was already comfortable with. The photo is one of the sunsets from my balcony. Didn’t even realise that I would get this view when I purchased my 1,000 sq ft unit.

Very soon, there will be a few new developments as you can see from the cranes in the close distance. Hope that it wouldn’t “spoil” my sunset views too much!”

– SK – PJ, Malaysia

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