Families get keys to new houses under RMR1M programme

This news is from The Star Online – published on 20 Sept 2017.

The dream of owning a brand new house finally came true for three low-income families thanks to the 1Malaysia People-Friendly Homes (RMR1M) programme.

Three of them received the keys to their new homes in Kampung Cik Zainal, Chemor, from Ulu Kinta assemblyman Datuk Aminuddin Md Hanafiah at a handover ceremony, last week.

Among the three recipients who received the key was factory worker Nurul Syuhaidah Johar, 28. She said her family had been waiting for the day since they submitted their application for a home four years ago.

“Sadly, she passed away recently. It was her wish to own a good home,” she said.

Nurul Syuhaidah said she will now stay in the new home with her 21-year-old brother.

“I’m thankful that the home is finally completed and we have a new place to move in to now,” she said.

Another recipient, clerk Azrul Zaimi Mohd Ali, 33, said he will be living in his new home with his wife and six-year-old son.

“We used to stay in a rented house that cost RM350 a month.

“Although the rented house was quite okay, we still dreamed of owning a home instead and I’m glad that I can under this programme,” he said.

Retired civil servant S. Perumal, 69, was equally grateful.

The father of six has been living with one of his sons in Kampung Tersusun Batu 8, Ulu Kinta, for a couple of years.

“Before that, I was living in a government quarters which wasn’t very big.

“I’m looking forward to moving into my new home with my wife, so that my children and grandchildren can enjoy their time here comfortably when they come to visit,” he said.

Aminuddin said 110 units of RMR1M homes have been approved by Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd (SPNB) for the parliamentary constituency of Tambun.

“To date, 81 homes are ready to be handed over to the recipients.

“Of this number, 25 applicants have received their keys, including the three today, while 56 more homes are still being constructed,” he said after handing over the keys.

Aminuddin added that SPNB aims to build 10,000 homes throughout the country under the RMR1M programme, with 1,648 homes to be built in Perak.

“Although the recipients are still required to pay for their houses, a part of the total cost is subsidised under this programme.

“People are wondering why we need to thank the government if this is the case, but bear in mind, that the total cost subsidised is RM20,000 per home.

“This means that out of RM65,000, recipients only have to foot RM45,000,” he said.

Aminuddin also pointed out that recipients get loans with a 5% interest rate compared with the usual 7%.

“Homes under this programme have received good response from the public, so I hope SPNB can continue to build more homes for the people to ensure that their wellbeing is looked after,” he said.


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